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Creating accurate locales for battle in 'Armored Warfare'

One of the many silos.
One of the many silos.
Photo courtesy of Obsidian Entertainment, used with permission.

There are a couple of cliches that war focused video games fall into when it comes to where players wage battle. From oil rigs to urban sprawls, it seems as if we see the same kind of locations with each and every title these days.

And while that might not be the most exciting or fun for players, there's one huge reason why we consistently see these themes pop up: accuracy. First person shooters have the liberty of a reduced scale, resulting in more creative freedom for developers. There are a million different ways you can spice up the design of, or your approach, when it comes to tackling a location that has been done frequently before.

However, increase that scale and the stranglehold on creative freedom becomes a bit tighter. There are only so many ways you can alter the layout of a refinery that changes the way the experience plays out. Especially when you're dealing with such large vehicles such as in the case of Armored Warfare, battle takes place over a large area, meaning that at first glance it's more about the bigger picture than it is the small details.

We spoke with Rich Taylor, Project Director at Obsidian Entertainment, as to how his studio is approaching map locales.

During our demo Taylor speaks about the oil refinery that we're about to assault, "This kind of represents our goal for our maps in Armored Warfare."

He continues, "Since this is a modern conflict, it takes place in the modern day, we took a look at what would be priority targets, or sources of conflict, in a modern war. For us we felt that it's key resource areas like oil refineries, pipelines, ports, things like that. That's where the battles are going to take place in these maps."

However, there will be some battles over more keystone locations Taylor tells us.

"Sometimes it will be city and urban and things like that [but] a lot of times it's going to be these key resource locations that would be a key point of conflict in a modern war."

Beta signups are now being accepted on the My website.

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