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Creating a zombie nation

Zombies are us
Zombies are us
iluvrhinestones/Wikimedia Commons

There are numerous games, movies and other fictional accounts these days promoting the concept of zombies going on a rampage, warring against the living, eating our brains and just causing general mayhem. Or are such events so contrived after all...dare it be suggested that, considering how drugged up the American population is today, many of us from early childhood up to the golden years are really dragging our selves around mindlessly complying with whatever we are programmed to do?

Look at what goes on in a majority of situations currently and has been for decades: an infant is already introduced at an age where teeth are just forming to formulas with who even knows what all in it, rather than old-fashioned mother's milk. It's almost as if society is wagging a disdainful finger at a mother providing nature's best food for her baby, declaring her just not with it! Since when does a breast have a best-before date on it, or get recalled for having contaminants in it? It needs no extra nutrients added nor does it require inspection by any government snoops.

Next little Zombini is introduced to that great all-ages pacifier, sugar, and begins howling evry time the buzz wears off and conveniently, that will always occur at the checkout lane in a grocery store where all the gum and tooth-rotting junk is deliberately located. Just to shut the kid up, most parents will grab whatever he/she is shrieking for and pop it in the gaping mouth, hoping it'll be sticky enough to clamp it shut awhile.

The real drugging begins in the schools, when Zombo is judged by teachers as having some attention deficit disorder and in need of being subdued. Never mind that it takes actual tests to determine if a person of any age truly does have ADD or ADHD...many doctors will give in to a teacher's insistence to drug children. So those who may only be normally fidgety, like any normal youngster, will be rendered semi-conscious as well as their truly afflicted classmates. Seriously--does anyone honestly expect kids to be capable of keeping perfectly still and quiet for several hours? Especially those who are bored and bursting with youthful energy?

At the next life stage, there are those experiencing mood swings--especially due to hormonal fluctuations--and depression. Granted, there are cases where brain chemical imbalances can bring about crippling downers and life can be endangered. However, when hardships such as joblessness, home loss, grief over a loved one's death, are causing such woes, is it really a solution to merely medicate feelings away? Would it not be wiser to solve the underlying problem responsible for this depression, thereby guaranteeing it won't keep pounding away at you like waves on a fragile shoreline?

Finally, in the geriatric wards, nursing homes and even private residences, seniors are frequently over-medicated simply to keep them quiet and out of the way. No one wants to listen to an old person, it seems, which is so sad. Society has devaluated them and shunted them, drugged into submission, into warehouses to await death. Neglect and abuse can't be reported if a victim is doped into silence.

So, from cradle to grave, we are zombified by behavioral drugs whether willingly as in substance abuse or by official means like prescriptions. The growing zombie society is conscious enough to buy what it's told to buy, vote as told, stop complaining and put up with injustices. Non-conformity means you're off your meds and thinking for yourself--a dangerous condition that won't be tolerated. Resist! Switch to natural means of dealing with life, like therapy, counseling, herbal and other holistic forms of medicine (eg., acupuncture, reiki, chiropractic) and just plain using your brain. Confound the controlling forces by refusing to be drugged into the leagues of the non-living.

In Detroit, here's a starting point for a natural, balanced, unzombified lifestyle:


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