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Creating a Training Checklist with Check Boxes

As a training professional for more than 25 years, I’m frequently asked how to track completion. Often, a simple checklist does the trick. Using tools, such as Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can add checkboxes to turn a plain old document into an interactive checklist.

Employees frequently complain that they don’t know where to start, and their managers express similar frustration in providing guidance. A checklist provides a simple solution. First, identify the courses that enable an employee to develop the right level skills and knowledge to perform a role at a basic competency level, such as business acumen, finance and accounting. Many free Internet courses provide these basics. Then, set up a similar list of courses to help develop personal effectiveness in areas such as time management, decision making, process improvement and leadership. The next task you might want to complete is meet with the employee. Explain the process and timeline for completing the curricula, demo the course registration process and set criteria for achieving the overall objectives! You may also want to develop a final exam, specific to the needs of your company.

To create a checkbox in your form, open the PDF file and from the Forms menu, select Add New Fields… link. Click the Check Box item. Once the cursor changes to cross hairs, position the cursor where you want your check box to appear. Then, click and drag until the field is the right size for your page. The Field Name entry box appears, and you can accept the default name. You can also change it. To edit additional properties, you can click the All Properties link. The check box is created.

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