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Creating a sacred space for meditation

Finding or creating a sacred space is an important step on ones spiritual journey.
Finding or creating a sacred space is an important step on ones spiritual journey.
Lena Townsend, RMP

One could go about creating a sacred space for meditation numerous ways. One thing that many people forget when first trying to create that special space for meditation is that the only thing that truly matters is having oneself prepared. Meditation can take place anywhere and at any time. The most important factor in choosing a space is being sure it is a space that is sacred to the individual.

Many people feel they must see things visually or experience them firsthand in order to believe so they may feel the need to place physical objects or tools in their spiritual space. Some things that may be found in a spiritual space include an alter table, candles, blessing or essential oils, incense, small statuary, and spiritual books. However, it is far more important to choose a space that feels completely safe, than it is to find the perfect altar trinket or special carpet to sit on.

Simplicity is often the best way to go when creating a space that one intends to use for prayer or relaxation. Some objects, colors, scents, and sounds can actually cause difficulty when it comes to clearing ones mind enough for deep meditation. While it is important to pay attention to the details, one should not stress about it being the “perfect” area. Instead, one must be able to tune out the physical world and know they are completely safe from any harm. The best space to meditate is actually the place in which one feels most comfortable and connected with Spirit.

Many people prefer to be outside in nature when they meditate. However, one must keep in mind that nature can be a bit uncooperative at times, which may cause one to meditate less often. Bringing a little nature into ones indoor space may be a helpful option. A few tree limbs, pinecones, stones, and plants can make a regular room feel very much like being outdoors without the possibility of bad weather and insects interfering.

Focusing on simplicity is actually the best and most affordable way to set up ones sacred space. If there is a lot of clutter in the space, one may feel distracted or crowded. There are numerous books and articles available to the public that touch on the subject of creating a sacred space; however, each individual should find what works best for them personally.