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Creating a love of travel at a young age

Why do we travel?
Why do we travel?
Cristine Struble

Some adults have a wonderlust for travel. From exploring national treasures to exotic lands, the desire to travel seems to be innate. But where did that desire to grab a passport and venture into the unknown develop? Can that love of travel be instilled in a child?

Having traveled to many countries across the continents, creating the love of travel in my children is important. Without the endless funds to afford trips around the world, our family seeks creative ways to cultivate the love of travel in the kids. Here are a few ways that work in our household.

Play a game

Kids love to play games. The family time around the coffee table can become a monthly or weekly tradition. A game like, Road Trip, by Identity Games, can get your family to travel across the USA in a board game. This fast paced game makes players think quickly about the places you've traveled or the knowledge you can recall. Think of towns that start with P or a travel itinerary with locales that start with A. Road Trip by Identity Games retails for approximately $24.95.

Go out to eat

In many areas, restaurants hold a gastronomic journey close to home. If your kids are willing to try new foods and flavors, a dinner at a restaurant can spark a conversation about travel. A tapas restaurant can be the basis for a discussion about Spain. Maybe a Asian fusion restaurant can start a conversation about the differences between Korean BBQ and Japanese Hibachi.

Watch a television show

When a rainy day hits, relaxation on the couch with an engaging show can be a perfect way to pass the time. An hour watching the Travel Channel can create a list of must visit destinations. From a trip to a Florida theme park to an international adventure, the whole family can give their top travel destinations for the next family vacation.

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