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Creating a health-centric Vlog

Is it your goal to get back on track and lead a healthier life? Are you already leading a healthy life and you are interested in sharing this information with others? Why not create videos and while tracking your progress and sharing tips for living a healthier life at the same time? While this may seem challenging, creating a vlog is really a simple process. Here are some tips to get started.

Set Up a YouTube Account
This may seem obvious to some, but you need a platform to get started and this one of the most popular and, to some, the easiest to use. All you need is a webcam (most laptops already have them installed and ready to use) and all you have to do is upload your video to their server. The steps for how to do this are already outlined on their site, which is a simple and straight-forward process. The tutorial will also tell you how to upload videos to your blog.

Set Up a Blog
This is another area that seems obvious, but you do need a platform. Some opt to use social media as their platform for their vlog and that is fine, but others choose to post them on a free blogging platform link or You could also register your own domain name if you are skilled with website building.

Figure Out Your Main Objective
Do you want to focus on your own health plan? Do you want to share your success story? Are you sharing specific recipes or exercise routines that have led you to reach a specific goal or outcome? Brainstorm these ideas in a notebook and create a storyboard for your vlog. This will help develop a plan of action, as well as how you want to schedule each of your sessions. Some people like to "wing it" and see how it turns out, while others like to plan things out with a meticulously planned strategy.

Develop a Schedule
Even for those who want to "wing it," you still need some sort of schedule. Do you want to post a video each time you create a recipe or exercise routine? Do you want to post a video each time you have a success story to share? How often do you want to post? Once per week? Daily? These are important questions you should be answering during your brainstorming session. Be as specific as possible during your planning, and you should be fine.

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