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Creating a 'free world collective' to prevent terrorism

Obama’s call for ‘other nations to fight Islamic State’ is in the right direction, however short of overarching policy and strategy. For that he gets another incomplete for his performance. He may get the larger picture, but he is so behind action because:

Desired outcome
  1. His State Department is failing him
  2. His Defense Department is too disconnected
  3. His Congress is AWOL

Therefore, deficient American foreign policy is a product of deficient leadership and dysfunctional government. Given those things, we have the Islamic State rising as a direct result. You might conclude that Obama’s deficient foreign policy has created the Islamic State as well as conditions that allow for Putin to go rogue in Russia too.

America is in trouble because its government is dysfunctional. All signs indicate that American voters are about to serve up more trouble for themselves in the next election. Which is better?

  1. Full functioning Obama government with favorable Congress
  2. More of the same
  3. Functioning Congress and a neutered President Obama

If you are among the Middle Class and poor in America, you should pick “1”. If you are lackadaisical and distracted, select “2”. If you are a Republican, take your chances and select “3”. Just remember the last time that you selected “3” you got war and economic disaster. Do you want more of that?

The best choice is government that is collaborative and bipartisan. Americans have a better chance with a fully functioning government in times of need for global leadership. Obama’s call for others to participate isn’t throwing in the towel. However, in the absence of overarching and comprehensive policy that is embraced by the free world collective, his words are part of the incessant Obama plethora.

“Obama calls on other nations to fight Islamic State
Aug. 28, 2014 - 05:41PM |
By Andrew Tilghman Staff writer

President Obama on Thursday shunted aside speculation that he will soon expand the U.S. bombing campaign against Islamic extremists into Syria, saying the military mission for now will remain focused on Iraq.

“The options that I’m asking for from the Joint Chiefs focus primarily on making sure ISIL is not overrunning Iraq,” Obama said at the White House on Thursday afternoon, referring to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as the Islamic State.

Obama said fighting ISIL in its stronghold inside Syria is a mission that the U.S. will expect partners — potentially including Muslim countries in the Middle East — to contribute to.

“In order for us to degrade ISIL over the long term, we are going to have to build a regional strategy. We are not going to do that alone. We are going to do that with partners,” Obama said, adding that Secretary of State John Kerry will soon travel to the Middle East to forge a coalition.

Obama’s comments came after widespread reporting that he has ordered manned and unmanned U.S. intelligence and surveillance aircraft to begin flying over Syria, a key step in developing new military options for targeting the ISIL militants beyond Iraq.

Last week, the chairman of the Joint Staff, Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, said that confronting Islamic State militants will ultimately require targeting their forces on the Syrian side of border. Dempsey also suggested that may involve partner nations rather than direct U.S. military action.

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“But I don’t want to put a cart before the horse. We don’t have a strategy yet.”

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