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Creating a culinary arts center at Bethlehem SteelStacks

A 30,000 square-foot space, the former Cold Drawn building on Founders Way at the Bethlehem SteelStacks complex, is poised to become a culinary arts center. According to a producer of TV food shows for PBS, this could be the "culinary center of the North East".

The Cold Drawn building, formerly was the place where iron bars were treated as part of the steel making production process, and then later was used for storing spare machine parts.

The idea is being pitched by TV promoter Joe Horn, who currently produces "The Chief Kitchen" for PBS, and has moved filming off the show from Philadelphia to the PBS39 studio, which is on the SteelStacks campus.

The Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem is a sponsor for the show, which most likely piqued the TV promoter's interest. Horn is betting that while filming the next six episodes of the show and opening it to studio visitors, he can build a culinary clientele in the area.. This would help to build the base and provide the support needed for his proposed culinary center.

The culinary center would be funded by tax money generated from Bethlehem's special tax-zone and Horn's based on his personal experience already has asked friends and other chiefs to develop four concept restaurants for the facility.

Although a developer has not yet been found, and no financing or funding even attempted, what is being recommended is plans for a building that would house four restaurants, gourmet food shops, and perhaps some type of open air market featuring wares from local farmers.

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