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Creating a cigar club in Buffalo

The Finer Things Club of Buffalo logo
The Finer Things Club of Buffalo logo
Bill Abbott

With the increasingly prohibitive laws on tobbacco use and smoking in public places, a trend which is gaining momentum is the creation of local cigar clubs.

Most cigar smokers enjoy their cigars in the company of like-minded people. Cigar smoking is typically not a solitary event and frequently accompanies social gatherings. Cigar clubs such as the Finer Things Club of Buffalo gathers at pre-specified times, and is hosted by one of its members. In addition to each member bringing a cigar for him or herself, a bottle of wine is brought by each participant to be sampled by other club members. Many of the members are recently returned veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it becomes a place where unique experiences can be shared with others who can relate and understand.

One of the challenges in starting a cigar club is finding others in the same geographic location with this shared interest. Using social networking tools like can assist in locating similarly interested parties. Local tobbacconists and cigar retailers frequently provide comfortable smoking rooms within their stores where cigar smokers enjoy and sample at their liesure. In this relaxed atmosphere, many cigar smokers engage in conversation and form friendships. From these beginnings, cigar clubs may, and often do, emerge.