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Create space by donating old toys after holidays and birthdays

When the toys take over, donate!
When the toys take over, donate!
Tiffany Lamb

Holidays and birthdays often end with having to shove more toys into your child’s room. Children and their parents should be able to appreciate and value the gifts they have been given. Getting new things can be a great luxury to enjoy. A great way to help spread that joy to others, and create values, is to do a toy cleanout after each gift giving event. Gather up old, unused toys, and donate them to charities that will make sure less fortunate children can experience the same joy of receiving a new toy.

Perhaps the best way to start is to keep all the new toys in a separate room while you do the clean out. Keep in mind though that you should add any of the new toys that your child didn’t like and that cannot be returned, to the give away pile. Mom’s will have to judge whether this task should be performed with or without their children‘s company. It’s great to teach children at a young age the importance of giving to others. However, many young ones will not understand that when those toys are gone, they are gone. Even if they never play with a certain toy, when brought to their attention, it will become their new favorite again. Also, try not to let that keep you from giving anything away. Remind your child how many great new toys they got to play with in place of the older ones.

Going through all your children’s toys be prepared to make four piles. One for trash, broken toys that have no hope, and all the random food and miscellaneous items you might find at the bottom of the toy chest. Another pile of toys will be the keep for sure toys. A third pile will be the definitely able to donate pile. (Think out grown age wise) Finally, a fourth pile for the toys you aren’t sure you should donate or keep just yet.

Bag up your piles, except for the maybe pile. After you have thrown out your trash pile, sit down and go through the maybe pile once more. If you spend too much time deciding whether a toy should stay or go, keep it for now, to prevent major regrets. Add the leftovers to the donate bag and then proceed to restock the room with all the new toys, as well as the keep pile you made.

Many local thrift shops will accept toys, as well as the Goodwill and the Salvation Army. Also, check out the Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA, they often take good quality toys for the children who are patients there. At the end of the day you will find more space in your child’s room, you will feel good about giving, and you child will be enjoying all his or her new fun toys.


  • Jason 5 years ago

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  • Lisa 5 years ago

    Or you can sell them on if you don't want to give them away. Either way it's for a good cause. If you sell it on the website they donate money to schools or if you give them away you will make someone happy. Its a win-win situation!

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