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Create in me a pure heart!

Recently as I was going through some things I realized it was time to simply ask God! I said my normal ....... Lord create in me a pure heart and a renewed mind.

I said "Lord, I don't want it to take 30 years to get the result I need." I have watched others and wondered in amazement how they waited so long. I said "Well Lord I know it is not you.... so what can I do?"

God showed me myself and said do you want them saved for you or for me? My first response was of course for you but I had to dig deeper and when I really evaluated my motives I said maybe it was not for you. I had to have a real evaluation of myself and say no more. I will do this for you and you only God.

Sometimes we want people saved for all the wrong reasons and we do not understand why it is taking so long. The moment I came to that realization I asked God to forgive me. There was an immediate release and I began to see things changing for that person.

It took me back to the day I was laying sick and thinking God I am going to die after ordering something and receiving a package in the mail with white powder. I told my son I am going to be healed and my 4 year old son at that time said "Mom, God did not say you have to wait, Healing is not later.... Healing is Right Now! It was as if I came to my senses and God just shook sickness right off me and the pain and vomiting stopped immediately. After that I have had moments of sickness but I have realized Jesus already bore that affliction and therefore it is invading my territory and must go. I knew if a 4 year old could get it I better get it! Sometimes we suffer and wait too long!

So the next time it seems to be taking too long. Simply ask God, he's only a whisper away and he truly does have your answer!

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