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Create Disney's Frozen necklace craft

Walt Disney World's Hit animated film, Frozen has taken the world by storm! The film has become the second highest grossing film in the history of Disney films. Frozen is second to The Lion King. The probability of Frozen surpassing The Lion King is a strong possibility.

Make your own Disney's Frozen necklace!
S. Brooks
Disney's Frozen
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

During a recent visit to The Walt Disney World Resort's Magic Kingdom, I learned that Frozen merchandise is selling out. I was hoping to find a stuffed Olaf and was informed by a cast member at The Magic Kingdom's Emporium shop that the merchandise is selling quicker than they can stock it.

Frozen is a fun film. Children are extremely excited about the limited showing of The Frozen Sing Along version in theaters.

Unfortunately, merchandise is limited. Two children that I know created their very own Frozen jewelry!

To make your own Frozen necklace:

First, you will need to find an item to use as a necklace chain. You may wish to use a colorful "chain" as the base of your necklace. For instance, in the photos above, a blue cord chain with a white ribbon attached was used as a chain. The cord was purchased at an accessory shop at a local mall. You may use a blue ribbon, cord, yarn or similar base for a chain. The shade of blue should be a lighter color. One that would remind you of winter: light blue, blue and white shades, aquamarine and similar shades.

Next, you will need to acquire the fun part of the project! You will need to make your necklace charm.You may use a large earring with a variety of beads similar to the earring used in the photo.

Then, With using an earring, simply slide the chain base (cord,chain,yarn etc...) through the metal of the earring piece. You may hook the earring to the chain however possible. You can then use your hand or a tool to wrap and tighten the earring to the necklace base. You may use any item that you fancy to create a charm for the necklace. You can use a charm, an earring, lace beads together with yarn or crafting cord. The possibilities are endless!

Finally, you will have created your very own Frozen necklace! Have fun creating a necklace. Add colors to represent the colors that remind you of winter, snowflakes and of course the movie, Frozen!

Have a great time creating your Frozen jewelry!

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