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Create anew

Does the thought of regeneration appeal to you? According to, the word regenerate means, “To form, construct, or create anew, especially in an improved state.”

Did you know flowers actually bend towards the sun? How do they know to do this?
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Isn’t this something we all strive for? We work so hard, with an overwhelming fixation to energize positive change, to improve. Do you think when we’re trying to hard we might actually be undermining or delaying perhaps an intended development?

Although it may not feel like we're in a renewal process, our bodies, without even having to think about it, are in continuous rebirth. shares, “The cells in our bodies are constantly dividing, regenerating, and dying… The cells lining the stomach, because they’re exposed to acid, replace themselves about every five days. Cells in the epidermis last about a week. Red blood cells live for approximately four months in the body, while hepatocytes (liver cells) live about five. These hardworking but disposable cells take a lot of punishment; they’re easily manufactured and easily replaced.

…A bone completely remodels itself and replaces all of its cells every ten years or so. Cells in the intestinal tract… last for about fifteen years, the same as certain muscles, such as the intercostals between the ribs.”

Can you imagine; all of this growth takes place, as part of our natural progression. Unforced, without thought, it still continues to happen.

If you’ve been trying to force something and you haven’t had success, instead perhaps you should channel your energy into the thought of regeneration. Step back, let go, and let nature take its course.

If you’re stuck anyway, how can this new approach hurt?

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