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Create an online marketing brochure

Are you ready to create an online marketing brochure? If so there are strategies you should be aware of. Decide first: The purpose of sending out a brochure or posting it online. Your pdf or image brochure document can be posted online and / or printed on appropriate paper stock.

Create an online marketing brochure now!
Photo by Bryan Bedder

Your online marketing brochure needs to do the following:

1. Introduce your business in a clearly enjoyable way. Stay straight to the point.

2. Post updates of new services or products you offer.

When you create an online marketing brochure keep in mind that it is for new and existing clients. You want them to take some sort of action, i.e. going to your website, directly making a purchase or inquiry. You want them to know all about your business and the services or products you offer. You want them to go to the services page from the home page and then to the contact form.

ON a blank piece of paper jot down all the facts about your product from the name of your company, services offered, products sold, contact names, email addresses, business address, phone, fax, web address, and business hours.

Ask yourself who will be reading this brochure. Do you have an attorney client and a psychic counselor client? They are very different in nature as most would assume. Who will be reading this online marketing brochure? If your current clients are vastly different in personality, likes and dislikes then consider something more generic and not so flashy. Have an expert designer choose from several different themes.

By nature you're a business person and not a graphic designer right? Get a professional designer or ad agency to help you with your online marketing brochure. You won't be sorry for the expense. If done well the return on investment of this one simple online marketing brochure should be great!

So whether you're selling wheelchair ramps or cookware essentials you want your brochure content, images, and overall design to appeal to a vast audience.

Questions to ask yourself before you begin the actual design of your online marketing brochure.

  • What kind of impression do I want to make?
  • Why or what is special about your business service or product?
  • What do you want customers new and old alike to remember?

We're sure you'll do a fantastic job with your next online marketing brochure. If you don't know how to create graphics, or know anything at all about marketing then enlist the help of a marketing company, advertising agency or specialist. It's worth every penny to get it done right the first time.

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