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Create a unique travel journal

Keep track of your vacation memories by creating a travel journal. The journal you choose to use can be a simple notebook, a hardcover journal or one your put together yourself. Just like a scrapbook, your journal will keep all of your vacation memories, including photos, drawings and other mementos, all in a single location. The only difference is that your journal will be designed to have more room to write about your vacation and will only be complemented by the other items collected during your vacation.

If you plan to create your travel journal, it may be best to put the basics together before leaving on your journeys. Select a notebook or binder. You can also bind the paper together by punching holes in the side and using rings to hold the journal together. Smaller sizes, such as those that are 5x7, are best for a vacation. The smaller the size, the easier it is to bring it everywhere you go.

Fill the book with pages with pockets and blank pages. You will need at least one page with a pocket per day you are on vacation and approximately three pages of blank paper per day.

Other journal page ideas include:

  • Postcards - punch holes in, include it as a page and use the backside of the postcard as a writing page
  • Photos - glue two photos together, punch holes and include in the journal as its own page
  • Maps and brochures - trim down to the right size, punch holes and use as individual journal pages (gluing these items to cardstock may make the pages more durable)

Collect as many items as you can while on vacation to use in your journal. Items such as receipts, room key cards, business cards and menus can be used to accent pages of your journal.

Be creative when putting your travel journal together. If you are traveling with kids, sit down and help them put together their own travel journal for the trip. Preserving your vacation memories can be a family activity that will be cherished just as much as the vacation is.

Happy traveling!

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