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Create a steampunk owl at the TCA Walk-in Family Art Workshop

Gallery at TCA
Gallery at TCA
Tempe Tourism Office

Who isn’t looking for a fun retreat from the heat as we head into August, one of our least favorite months? Thank heavens for the Tempe Center for the Arts (TCA), which has offered wonderful programs in both the visual and performing arts in their beautiful, cool environment, all summer.

Take for instance the free Walk-in Family Art Workshops that take place every Saturday from noon-2 p.m. These workshops feature artists and Tempe Center for the Arts staff who show participants how to create works of art from a variety of methods and materials.

Michelle Dock, who usually works behind the scenes overseeing the Gallery at the TCA, will conduct this Saturday’s steampunk owl workshop. Michelle enjoys combing second-hand stores and antique shops for vintage treasures that can be repurposed into works of art. In this workshop she’ll show how materials like CD cases, bottle caps and nuts and bolts as well as vintage buttons, jewelry and watch parts can be transformed into fun self-standing artworks.

The Walk-in Family Workshops take place in the Gallery at TCA, so you’re surrounded by beautiful and inspirational works of art to help set your creative gears into motion. All materials are provided and you don’t need to register in advance. As the name suggests, you just walk in and start creating.

For more arts, culture and entertainment events check out this week’s list and visit the Tempe Tourism Office Calendar of Events to view a complete listing of Tempe events, or call 480-894-8158.