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Create a sewing space


My project for this week was to transform half of my oldest daughter's room into a sewing space.

If you notice the before photo, my sewing room was actually a 4 foot section of  the laundry room....with the dryer...and the cats.. and the litterbox....yuck. Yucky sewing space!

The space was unorganized, and cramped, not to mention that the rotary cutting took place on my kitchen countertop, patterns were cut on the dining room table and quilts were basted on the floor. 

There aren't any 'extra' rooms in my home, so I started thinking of taking over my daughter's room, (who is now in college).  However, she still comes home on the weekends, so she still needs a room. In fact, four years from now, she may still need a room.  I just read that 18% of college graduates return home.  Oh goodie.

My plan, (with her permission) was to create a better room for her, yet  get all of my stuff in the room and conceal it with screens.  I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out and I hope to incorporate more lighting.

One of the most important factors to consider when creating a workspace is lighting.  In my case, I attached a clip-on portable lamp directly to the screen which illuminates the sewing area.  A wall sconce or hanging pendant will be my next purchase to use over the cutting area.

The next thing I considered was the workspace itself.  Since there was an unused L shaped desk in the corner, this became the serging area and the adjoining desk is another cutting area.  The sewing machine has it's own cabinet and it was placed next to the desk.

I found a great cutting table from Joann's on-line.Sullivan's Work Table It's made by Sullivan and it cost $99.

It was pretty simple to assemble and is quite sturdy. All the cutting and basting can be done on this table. My back thanks me.

Another great find was the plastic picture hooks and hangers by 3M.

No more nail holes! These removable hooks really work (must wait 1 hour after applying) and if you mess up, you can take them down and re-position them without ruining the walls. 

I also found a clear, over the door shoe holder in my attic. I cut the bottom off and hung it on the wall for additional supplies.  The drawers,  which were in a plastic rolling cabinet and contained my sewing supplies, were taken out of the cabinet and placed in the built-in bookcase.  Every room needs built in bookcases.  They're priceless. 

I purchased a new ironing board cover ($9.99) and two Japanese rice paper screens from Hobby Lobby at 30% off. ($56 each)

That took care of my side, but her side was looking cramped and cluttered.  To take care of the clutter, I purchased a plastic footlocker from Walmart.  It was filled and placed into the adjoining attic. 

The childhood books and momentos were arranged on a bookcase which had been on the floor.  To create more floor space, it was placed on top of the dresser, next to the TV. Bookcase placed on dresser to open up floor space

Even though she loved it, her full-sized bed was sagging and the stuffing was falling out of the box-spring.  I found a floor sample futon at my furniture wholesaler for $150 and topped it off with her bedding and pillows. 

Artwork and mirrors were re-arranged and a space to entertain friends or read was created by placing a club chair in front of the screens.  Table and lamp were added and a cheval mirror was purchased to reflect light.

I love it.  She's coming around...

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