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Create a marketable brand that stands out from other job applicants

Go digital. Design and develop a memorable image of yourself on blogging sites such as Wordpress, Blogger, or Typepad. Promote your brand on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Dorie Clark in Reinventing You, recommends keeping these tips in mind when posting content on your site.

  • Consider your appearance. Add some pizzazz with surprising personal facts and unique professional skills.
  • Build a narrative with obvious connections and underlying themes in your past and present.
  • Remember you can't be what you don't believe in. Explain your prospective career path in terms of the value you bring.
  • Your brand should be a portfolio specific to your audience that showcases your expert intellectual property. Be tech-savvy and use hyperlinks, videos, or podcasts.

If your interpersonal skills are your strong suit, invest in some business cards. Vistaprint offers great discounts like this one.

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