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Create a Healthy Food Relationship

Stay engaged to healthy eating.
Stay engaged to healthy eating.

I love you; I hate you, why do you keep coming back into my life? Is your relationship with food looking like your high school crush? Ditch the food drama and move on to something that will appreciate you.

Here are some tips to help you establish a healthy relationship with food:

When food will not stop sending love letters and doesn't know when to hit the road jack:

1. Chew gum if you feel a craving coming on.

2. After your meal, get busy. Work off some calories and get filled with life, don't linger around an empty plate.

3. Drink at least 8 oz of water with every meal. This will actually fill up your stomach, ease digestion, and make you feel satisfied.

If you like it, then go on and put a ring on it!

Get engaged to your healthy food relationship:

4. Thank God for the meal you are about to receive.

5. Write down what you ate and list the time for the next snack or meal. (ex. If you ate a 300 calorie meal you will eat 3 hours later.)

6. Say out loud, "I'm full." When saying this positive affirmation you wear the pants in the food relationship. It's just like saying I love you. You love YOU!

7. Plan a reward for being so healthy. (ex. After a resistance training session treat yourself to a muscle building/repairing milkshake consisting of you favorite protein powder.)

"You can't walk no line," said June to Johnny Cash! Don't take everything so seriously.  Everything in moderation-enjoy sampling delicious food.
8. Take it slow-eating slowly sets up a connection for your thoughts and satiety. You are able to process the food you are consuming, savoring and appreciating its worth for your health and happiness. Put the breaks on food speed dating.

9. Tempted by the fruit of another? Get the junk food and temptations out of the house.

10. Keep yourself filled up on well balanced meals of healthy carbohydrates, protein, and fats. This will ultimately keep you satisfied.

Sounds like a loving food relationship was there waiting for you all along.



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