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Create a free Booster campaign to raise money for your cause, passion or project

Learn how to raise money for a cause or project
Learn how to raise money for a cause or project

Design a t-shirt and create a free Booster campaign today to help raise money for your cause, passion or project. Running a campaign is free and easy and empowers individuals and non-profits to raise money for their cause.

Anyone can create a campaign online for their cause using Booster. Whether you are rallying support for a cause dear to your heart, supporting an issue for a loved one, trying to raise funds for a school project or charity, or creating a group project.

It’s easy to set up a crowd funding campaign in just a few simple steps, set your price, and share it with everyone you know. Once the project closes, Booster fills the orders and sends along the funds.

A t-shirt campaign is a great way to raise funds and with Booster all the orders are placed online by the individual so there is no need to order inventory in advance. This way there are no leftovers or extra money spent ahead of time.

You can learn how Booster works or create your design here. There are ways to raise a small amount or large donations for things like supporting a charity for a loved one, raising money for a group, team or school and even financing your passion project or small business.

There are infinite reasons to fundraise; whether it is for your favorite charity, school or team. To learn more Watch a video to learn how to raise money online with Booster.

From schools to small businesses, charities to pet projects, there's no limit to your fundraising potential. Raise Money. Create Awareness. Have questions or want to check out reviews and what others have done to raise money? View the Booster site and read more here.

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