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Creamy No Dairy Winter Soup : With a nod to Oklahoma Black History

Parsnip and Butternut Squash Soup prior to puree
Parsnip and Butternut Squash Soup prior to puree

Ok. So this is probably creamy, dairy optional soup. With some Oklahoma Black History in it's roots.

The original recipe idea for this soup is nicked from a wonderful Oklahoma cookbook by caterer extraordinaire, Cleora Butler's, Cleora's Kitchen, published in 1985, and which has been touted for brides nationwide as a primer for cooking and an excellent look at historic cooking traditions within an African American family. "Butternut Squash Bisque with Apple" is an exceptional recipe, for which this writer did not have the ingredients. page 155, cooking in the 1970's. This book is completely worth reading just for pleasure at the advancing skills and insistence of the author in a Tulsa that hailed a healthy Greenwood Avenue. and beyond.


Creamy No Dairy Winter Soup was born as a "what is handy in the pantry soup"

1/2 bag peeled and cubed Butternut squash This is about 1/2 a medium Butternut Squash, just eyeing it.

1 large parsnip, peeled and chopped ( Parsnips are white, and look like supersized carrots. They have a mild flavor, somewhere between a turnip, rutabaga and a potato)

1/2 c onions

4 stems of fresh Rosemary ( bush outside the house still has players, albeit crispy)

1 quart of chicken stock plus 3 cups of water

Salt to taste

2 eggs, room temperature

4 apples ( 2 Granny Smith and 2 Jonathan) core and chop the apples very roughly. Granny Smith are green, firm apples, Jonathan are very flavorful but red skinned and significantly softer.

(Reserve 1 apple, finely chopped, divided into 2 parts.... 2/3 will go in the stock only pot, and 1/3 saved for garnish)

Boil the ingredients in a large pot until tender.

Remove the contents with a strainer. If the Rosemary is woody, remove any suspect pieces. Return the stock to the pot, and keep the heat very low, or turn it off. Add the finely chopped apple to the broth.

Cool 1/3 of the strained, boiled veg/apple mixture. Process in a blender until roughly smooth.

Add the 2/3 cooked veg back to the stock pot, stir back into the broth.

Take a small amount of the COOLED puree, and slowly add the beaten eggs to it.

+++++If the mixture is too hot, that becomes apparent immediately because the egg will cook and form chunks like egg drop soup. eww.

The goal is to meld the puree and the egg as one blended item.

Then again, slowly incorporpate a small amount of still warm broth into this dish or pan, and slowly add this mixture to the primary pot until the soup is formed. Slowly, gently heat the soup again for about 5 minutes, in order to cook the egg mixture. This should not boil, but steam will probably form over the soup.

This soup is fine with or without a milk or cream added to it. Milk or cream if added would be about 1 cup to 1/2 cup and would be added at room temperature at the end of this process. (This would make a different soup, but also stretches the soup.)

This is a colorful, highly textured soup that is a winter delight to most anyone's palate.

Serve as the first course to a dinner, or with a salad and crusty homemade French Bread, as below.

(This is a great dish to use up the broth left over from baking a Rosemary Chicken as below)

This does not freeze well.

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