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Crazy? Try a blind date!


The best week ever for Atlanta singles is nearing its end. If you haven’t gotten out to dinner yet, you still have two more days to enjoy a great meal deal during Inman Park Restaurant Week. National Singles Week is almost over, but that doesn’t mean more new experiences aren’t on the horizon.

You’ve probably heard from friends or coworkers that you must be crazy to even consider accepting a blind date. Embracing that popular opinion, the team behind OkCupid has a new site that sends you out on… Crazy Blind Dates! Of course, you don’t get to see a picture, nor communicate with the person. There’s even a selection to be a part of a group date.

Aside from meeting people, choosing the neighborhoods in which you would like to meet is the most visually appealing step in the process, because selected neighborhoods are highlighted on a Google map. If you’re wondering what the exact boundaries of a specific neighborhood are, this application makes a great reference. If there aren’t enough matches in the areas you chose, you are asked to select a few more.

If you’re following along on Crazy Blind Date right now (and you should), you’ll see that you also get to set a variety of requirements, such as age, height and education, as well as choose a verified user who has registered an address or email. With requirements, as with neighborhoods, you are warned that you might have very few matches, and are even humorously admonished. The final step is to create a login where you can rate past dates, measure your matches and so forth. The creators of OkCupid and Crazy Blind Date use algorithms in all their matching, so the more you use the tools of the service, the more success you should have.

In the process, you get to chose between a bar and a coffee shop for your meeting venue, though Crazy Blind Date assigns the exact locations of each date, so all meetings are in public spots in your pre-selected neighborhoods.

However, you might want to think twice before choosing a bar after considering this bit of weird science. A study commissioned by Wines of Chile (some of the best wines!) shows that, on average, women can keep special information private for only 47 hours upon hearing the details, a time lessened by imbibing. Michael Cox, UK Director of Wines of Chile said: “It's official. Women can't keep secrets.” Apparently, the average woman hears three items of gossip per week, and they will “just have to” tell at least one person. This person on the receiving end is often entirely unrelated to any of the situations at hand. So ladies, spare your date the awkward details, and sip a coke instead.

I’m always accepting topic ideas and dating questions, but I’d also like to find singles looking to participate in a variety of dating events that are entirely new to them, such as Crazy Blind Date. If you’re interested in having your dating experience covered in this column, contact me!