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Crazy talk

Ever think what it would be like to pull the trigger on the anger deep inside you and blast half the population of your town into oblivion?

Crazy talk, huh?

But it happens. All the time. Ol' hairy Samson was so crazy for Delilah he pulled down a temple to get her attention. John Hinckley shot John Lennon so Jodie Foster would appreciate him.

Crazy stuff. For sure.

But what is crazy? Is there a definition that fits everyone? Not likely. Crazy is as crazy does, and what seems crazy to twenty-five onlookers might seem normal to the "crazy one" who pulled the trigger.

Or, you're one of those folks who flies off the handle when traffic lights stay red "too long" or people in grocery stores put down 16 items when in the "15 or under " line?

Seems, crazy, huh?

But why would those people be so angry all the time that they are constantly at war with the entire world? Bad genes? Bad childhood? Too much pressure at home or work? Or simply because they have some brain-centred bio/chemical problems that could easily be "fixed" with some medication and a bit of therapy?

We don't know. None of us do, really, even though we might think we "understand" and we march in parades and write letters and send flowers.

We all have our difficulties dealing with the stresses and strains of life. Plenty of people manage quite well. Lots more of us, though, need help.

And we all need to keep talking about it. Maybe even simply to ourselves.

Crazy talk? Let's have more of it.

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