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Crazy Super Bowl food: Mountain Dew and Doritos cupcake, Cherry Pepsi BBQ wings

The Super Bowl is a week away and food freebies are starting to assemble at every corner. The idea of getting a freebie is one opportunity that has lured humans for years. Add that some of the food is exotic and it’s a reason to stop and taste the moments. Perhaps that’s why everyone should head to the New York and New Jersey because there is some seriously intriguing food being given away. According to USA Today on Saturday, companies like PepsiCo and Pizza Hut are going to be handing out some great goodies to fans, even if you don’t have tickets to the big game.

It’s strange to think about but foodies converging on a Super Bowl, but it does make sense. It’s a pop culture moment that would have taste buds screaming for joy. Plus, a great story about the food that was fused. Ever had cherry Pepsi BBQ wings? Or cupcakes with Mountain Dew and Doritos frosting? Yeah, this isn’t your typical Super Bowl food and it has foodies all over the world thinking a quick trip to New York would be worth the time.

For those fans not in the New York and New Jersey area the idea of Super Bowl food freebies is not all lost. Keep an eye on the bars and stores offering local deals and remember it might not be easy, but you can make your own cherry Pepsi BBQ wings.

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