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Crazy solutions and home remedies for skin problems

Kym Douglas, beauty fashion and lifestyle expert, offers some of the zaniest beauty tips as she shows off some of her ‘creative’ beauty solutions to Ellen DeGeneres on her show. Kym starts off with some homemade solution for wrinkles that includes super food Kiwifruit for its vitamins and antioxidants, sour yogurt, olive oil, and of all things, orange juice. If you think you need to consume this, you are off the mark. The mixture has to be applied on your facial skin to prevent the harmful effects of winter on the skin. According to Kym Douglas, this crazy solution will make you look great.

Innovative Yet Zany: Just Like Kym

Kym appears regularly on national- and internationally-syndicated television, but it is obvious that she reserves her best zany beauty tips for the Ellen DeGeneres show. Proof of this comes from the next wrinkle solution, which you don’t apply but wear like a brasserie and that too at night. It keeps wrinkles from developing around your bosom. You can ignore this innovative solution, if you don’t have any issues with wrinkles on your bosom but what comes next takes the cake, without doubt.

Hilarious Toners and Slimmer Machines with Multi-Purpose Functions

The muscle toning kit from Kym Douglas is an ‘idea’ that must have come from the boxing ring because it resembles like the guard that boxers wear and you wear it like one. Kym elaborates the benefits of the muscle toner, as it firms and lifts your muscle and improves elasticity.

The slender slimmer is one of the craziest beauty tips offered on the show. The slimmer is an automatic workout kit that works on your abs and shapes up your buttocks, depending on the way you wear it and the muscles you want to work it on. Kym even convinces Ellen to wear it on and get slimmer the fun way. The delightfully infectious and fun-loving Kym Douglas almost convinces you that these crazy products are tools of the future for health and beauty.

A Solution That Actually Works

If you want some more serious solutions for your skin issues, you can try out something like Bellaplex, the scientifically-advanced way to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It has proven ingredients that promote new collagen production to give you skin that looks younger than your years, radiant and fresh. The proven ingredients make sure you have a definite age-defying moisturizer that can actually work. With Bellaplex, you can experience one of the most amazing advancements in skin care and visible wrinkle reduction. It is a proven solution.