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Crazy Rainfall Numbers From Hurricane Isaac

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It has been a long time since El Paso saw a 100 year flood hit! So how about a Hurricane that hits New Orleans and the surrounding areas same place, and around the same time that hurricane Katrina Hit in 2005? Some rain fall numbers have been released official and unofficial but still the rain fall numbers are crazy!!

The average rain fall in New Orleans in a month is 5.98". The record for most rain fall in a single day was 4.5" that fell in 2005 when Katrina Hit. Well, the Hurricane that wasn't as strong as Katrina has dropped 7.86" in a single day, and it is still Raining!! The National Hurricane Center said last night an unofficial total of 18.35” was reported in Gretna, Louisiana.

In Mississippi the most extreme rainfall has been in Pascagoula where around 20” has fallen according to WeatherBug stations there which have recorded 21.37 and 17.74”. Flooding has been reported to be really severe in that area.

The Red Cross is now in the middle of it. The Red Cross is reporting around 2,700 Red Cross disaster workers have deployed to the Gulf Coast states to help. The number of people staying in shelters is expected to grow after 5,200 people have been in shelters since the storm began.

If you would like to help you can visit or call the 1-800-RED-CROSS (733-2767).