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Crazy Karzai

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Revisionism, is that a concept? Let’s see, the Taliban once ruled Afghanistan and gave host to the Al-Qaeda, who incidentally, were created by the US CIA for the purpose of ridding the sovereign nation from a Russian invasion. The Al-Qaeda, and its former founding leader, Osama bin Laden, became unruly after having succeeded at ridding the Russians. Then, Al-Qaeda wanted to rid the US influence as well. So, they launched a war against America.

It was perceived as a nuisance, and not taken that seriously. A bomb exploded in a parking garage in the World Trade Center, and that was identified as a terrorist attack on a parking garage. That fledging initiative grew in scope and scale, and a few later airplanes manned by Al Qaeda flattened the World Trade Center, struck the Pentagon and damned near did much more damage than that.

America retaliated, kicking the Taliban out of government and forcing them to flee across the border to Pakistan and to live in remote parts of Afghanistan until the dust settles. It took a long time for the dust to settle as Americans hung around to attempt to rebuild Afghanistan and establish some military presence in that geography.

Karzai managed to con his way into government along with his brother and other cronies. Next, he waited for the Americans to go home. The Taliban telegraphed their desired to return to government as soon as the Americans depart. Karzai knows that they are coming back, and he can’t and won’t stop them. He just wants to retire to the good life in Afghanistan. What is that?

Anyway, he says that the Americans are attacking like insurgents and blaming that on Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Why pray tell? Is it because we Americans like it? He just wants to appear to be blaming and booting the Americans out while Americans are departing at their own time and pace.

“Karzai suspects U.S. is behind insurgent-style attacks, Afghan officials say

By Kevin Sieff, Published: January 27

KABUL — President Hamid Karzai has frequently lashed out at the U.S. military for causing civilian casualties in its raids. But behind the scenes, he has been building a far broader case against the Americans, suggesting that they may have aided or conducted shadowy insurgent-style attacks to undermine his government, according to senior Afghan officials.

Karzai has formalized his suspicions with a list of dozens of attacks that he believes the U.S. government may have been involved in, according to one palace official. The list even includes the recent bomb and gun assault on a Lebanese restaurant in Kabul, one of the bloodiest acts targeting the international community in Afghanistan, the official said. The attack, which left 21 people dead, including three Americans, was almost universally attributed to the Taliban.”