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Crazy drought solutions – Artificial turf and spray lawns

You can have a green lawn in drought conditions with artificial turf.
You can have a green lawn in drought conditions with artificial turf.
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Maintaining a lawn in hot, dry weather leaves me seeking some crazy drought solutions. Today, I watched an episode of Yard Crashers. A family replaced their lawn with artificial turf. Yesterday, I read about a landscaper who makes a living spray painting lawns green. I'm heavily into the benefits of natural living. Still, the lawn won't stay green in this intermittent drought we're experiencing. Plus, it was never perfect to begin with. So, I decided to do a little research on artificial turf and spray lawns. Here's what I found.

The benefits of artificial turf lawn:

*It stays green, even in a drought.

*No mowing and little maintenance involved.

*Saves water and watering time.

*Allows for drainage. (No mud puddles.)

Using artificial turf would certainly cut down on both maintenance and water usage. Plus, some of this new artificial turf looks so much like grass, no one would ever know the difference. One company I researched guarantees their artificial turf for 5 years and claims that with the right care, it could go up to 10 years without replacement. No mowing for 10 years? There has to be a catch.

There are some drawbacks to an artificial turf lawn:

*The lawn can grow quite hot to the touch in high temperatures.

*Conventional artificial turf does contain harmful toxins.

*Bacteria breeds more easily.

Note: Concerned about toxins? Look for a company that sells toxin free artificial lawns.

How about that spray lawn?

A spray lawn is a good drought solution for those who have nice lawns. Is your lawn in good shape and simply turning brown from lack of rain or watering restrictions? If so, a spray lawn might be right for you. Keep in mind, you must have a decent lawn to spray in the first place. The idea is to color the brown grass until it greens itself. It keeps the complaints from the neighbors down. It also keeps the HOA at bay.

Insider Tips:

*If you decide to opt for a spray lawn, check to see the spray used is non-toxic. Not all are.

*Some companies offer an economical, ecofriendly lawn spray you can apply yourself.


After all the research, I've decided these drought solutions aren't so crazy after all. In fact, as long as you stick to green products, they're really quite feasible. Plus, saving all that water and not running the mower is an earth friendly solution in itself. Of course, there is the cost factor. The spray is cheap if you do it yourself. The artificial turf, on the other hand, can be quite pricey. Still, with the money you save on your summer water bill, it'll probably even out in the end.

This article was previously published by this author on a now closed Yahoo property.

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