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Crazy Beans Mania Hits Stony Brook Today!

From left to right:  Butterbeer, an amazing wrap with mac/cheese built in!, logo, events, mugs, rocketship!
From left to right: Butterbeer, an amazing wrap with mac/cheese built in!, logo, events, mugs, rocketship!
RJ Huneke

Yesterday a new patron of Crazy Beans in Miller Place walked in, turned around 360 degrees while breathing in the aroma of fresh ground coffee bean, and joyously exclaimed: “there’s a real coffee shop on Long Island now?” and lo and behold, the Crazy Beans coffee house just upped the ante opening their second location in Stony Brook Village today!

mug at Crazy Beans
RJ Huneke

Go on in, and drink in all of the intriguing CRAZINESS.

The “Crazy Specials” as owner Callie Brennan calls them are customized and unbelievably tasty foods thought up and cooked up daily for breakfast and lunch, like the “Gouda Morning” (2 eggs over-easy, with sausage and gouda cheese on 7-grain baquette).

The Beans is full of art, books, games, and awesomeness!

Much of the food is often insanely healthy too, including many gluten-free muffins and foods cooked fresh, and it is ALL delicious.

If you have had your fill of coffee (and I do not see how that is possible), get yourself a local microbrew, as their taste in beer offerings is also pristine.

The Beans, as I like to refer to it, is open in the early a.m. at 6 and serves food until about 3 p.m., though on Friday nights there is often live music and the kitchen re-opens from 6-9 p.m in Miller Place.

Open mic and diverse local bands are often performing phenomenal tunes on various nights amidst the pleasant patrons.

Check out all of the action at the Crazy Beans official Facebook page here:

The prices are excellent and tend to do a lot better than the local Starbucks; the stark difference is that Crazy Beans actually makes the food fresh, in-house, and offers coffee with more of a scintillating experience for the taste-buds.

Now that there is a Stony Brook Village locale there is twice the fun.

The coffee, espresso, and other “crazy creations” consist of over a dozen various lattes, including a Harry Potter favorite, the butterscotch latte (iced or hot) that offers the muggle world its closest thing to a J.K. Rowling-invented butterbeer.

There are fruit smoothies, caramel apple pancakes, and much much more. The Stony Brook Crazy Beans has even added some expanded eating options as the foodie at heart has a reason to go back and forth between hangin' out in the Miller Place hot spot and the cool, brand-spankin’ new, daddy-o, Stony Brook village hot spot.

The coffee house has true charm and offers inspiration to the creative minds and the thirsty alike.

Today marks the official launch of the second Crazy Beans coffee house and rare beer supplier, and local residents of northern Long Island, not to mention Stony Brook University students fighting for their lives with finals are REJOICING!

Crazy Beans is located at 465 Route 25A, Miller Place, New York 11764 & at 97A Main Street, Stony Brook Village 11790.

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