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Craving triggers identified

Cravings are real. They are not in your mind so take a sigh of relief. Now that you have done that, the next step is to find out the cause of these insatiable drives that can kill your healthy diet plan.

The following is a short run down of the basic triggers that can cause you to break your diet quicker than you can blink an eye:

- Let’s cut to the chase, one of the major causes of cravings is sugar! The more sugar you consume, the more sugar you crave. Surely the brain needs a certain amount of sugar (carbohydrates) to function properly, but too much sugar triggers the hormones to crave sweets and feel hungry and then WHAM, you gain weight because you've eaten way too much.

- Salt runs a close second to sugar as a cravings trigger. Salt can initiate cravings because it causes thirst. It has been acknowledged that thirst is recognized by the brain as hunger and since excess salt causes thirst it by default can cause the body to feel hungry and alert the consciousness to want to eat. Unfortunately, since most people are unable to decipher thirst from hunger, they tend to eat more when consuming salty foods because of this.

- Believe it or not, Caffeine, particularly coffee, is now being recognized as a possible cravings trigger. Dr. Oz has recently reported this as he outlined a more simplistic way to lose weight and fight cravings. It is not completely understood as to why caffeine causes cravings. Caffeine, however, is an alkaloid that may suppress the part of the brain that helps one control their cravings.

- Stress triggers all sort of nasty responses in the body. One such response is food cravings. Because dealing with stress can often be illusive and diagnosing the origin of stress can be even more difficult, it is hard to pinpoint a specific action that initiates the craving. However, if one can isolate the cause of the stress he or she may be able to reduce their cravings significantly.

There are some simple steps to getting a handle on out of control cravings and it won’t require a huge life change to do so. Now that some of the major causes of cravings have been identified, stay tuned to find out how to successfully combat those cravings.

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