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Crashing the Tax Day Tea Party in Punta Gorda

"Florida is small, but the Tea Party is not"?
"Florida is small, but the Tea Party is not"?


  • Linebacker 6 years ago

    If anyone "doesn't have a clue", it's you Bourgeois - if that's really your name.

    In fact, if that is your name - you should have been out there protesting with vigor since it is exactly that class of people who are being raped by the Democrats in Congress and the White House.

    It's unfathomable to me how a supposedly educated person like yourself doesn't see how economically and socially disastrous are the policies that these liberals are imposing on us AGAINST THE WILLS of the vast majority of US citizens.

    It took brave, hard working, sacrificing, patriots 300 years to build the best country in the world and less than two years for a handful of socialist leaning traitors to flush it down the drain.

    Wake up and THINK! For the first time in the history of this great republic the next generations will not be better off than their parents. All thanks to Obama and his sycophants as well as the lemming like yourself who follow them blindly.

  • jr23 6 years ago

    i read the article and saw at first a difference of opinion but toward the end the use of tea bagger a slang vulgar sex term to describe people doing a legal protest is reprehensible and shows your bias and contempt for someones rights.
    if you cannot argue the subject call them names great thinking that .

  • Will 6 years ago

    Of course you left disgusts people like you that some people actually think for themselves and don't buy into your progressive propaganda. But on a plus side, you managed to write an entire article without having to bore people with your Glenn Beck obsession. I actually wonder if you are as brainwashed as you seem or if you are just playing dumb so you can say provocative junk to get people to read.

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