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Crash snarls traffic on Route 1

Workers try to right a dump truck
Workers try to right a dump truck

A grinding five vehicle pile up shut down traffic on busy Rt 1 . in the Langhorne, Levittown area.August 11 2014 just after 3:00 p.m. When it was all done, roads were clogged for rush hour and five people were taken to area hospitals. The crash was in MiddletownTwp just shy of the border with Falls Twp. Two large commercial trucks were involved with three cars.

Police had not completed an investigation so they could not say for sure what caused the crash. Langhorne Middletown Fire Chief Frank Farry said that the driver of a dump truck was "heavily trapped in his vehicle". That dump truck had turned over and broke through the concrete median. The truck was hauling a concrete mix, some of which spilled onto the highway.

The mess meant that local roads would be closed for an extended period of time. The on ramp to Rt 1 south was closed at Oxford Valley Rd. That caused extra congestion on Lincoln Highway. Northbound Rt 1 was closed at 213. This crash took place just shy of the exit to the Oxford Valley Mall and Sesame Place.

Rt 1 did remain open south past the scene. Drivers would slow up to take out a cell phone or camera to snap a photo of the wreckage,much to the dismay of first responders. This is not only unsafe, it is illegal. If you are a passenger, it's a different story. These idiot drivers are risking their lives to share something for free on social media, or much less send it for free to a local news outlet for credit. Had they killed someone or gotten into an accident, they would be facing charges including manslaughter.

Police said the since they have not completed their investigation, it is too early to charge someone.

Middletown Twp.

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