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Crash Bandicoot is back on the race track

Crash Bandicoot Pictures
Crash Bandicoot Pictures
Paul Iuzzolino

Everyone knows the classic character of Crash Bandicoot, the hopping and sliding Bandicoot who outwitted Dr. Cortex and his army. Crash has also been famous for many racing games, including Crash Tag Team Racing. Now Crash is back on the race track in Crash Bandicoot 3D. In this game, you race across various race tracks with Crash. Here are some aspects of the game that were interesting:

Crash Bandicoot Logo
Paul Iuzzolino

Gameplay: Basically you are racing in this game and attempting to gain first place in every race. You could play in career mode, where you compete in all the races. Single race mode allows you to do a single race. Try to beat your best time by racing in Time Trial mode. During every race you have to avoid oil spots scattered on the track. Also, there are speed bursts on the track that will give you a temporary boost.

Graphics: The graphics are okay; you see bushes on the side of the track, as well as apple trees. The bushes and apple trees pass by at a reasonable distance, but there are times when it slows down. Also the graphics don't change much; you see the same bushes throughout every track. In some other tracks you see small palm trees. In mostly every race track, you see a mountain in the background, and it moves as you race.

Controls: The controls are pretty simple; the arrow keys are used to control your race cart.

Game Mechanics: The race cart controls pretty good, but even when you press the down key to brake, the cart still goes off the track.

Crash Bandicoot 3D is a very simple game, but the game isn't really fun to play. There aren't enough obstacles in the game to avoid. Also, there is no competition with the other three race carts. The game would be a lot more fun if you added obstacles like palm trees, barriers, water spots, and bombs. In Crash Bandicoot: Warped, you had to race in a few levels; those levels had great obstacles, like road signs, gaps, and oil spots. Those obstacles would have made this game much better.