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Crane Beach is Boston's best beach destination

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Crane Beach, located just north of Boston, in Ipswich Massachusetts along the Atlantic coast, is one of the best and most beautiful ways to experience east coast beaches. Whenever one hears people talk about New England beaches being some of the nicest in the world, Crane Beach is certainly representative. Located in an inlet, with a beautiful view of Plum Island, the waters at Crane Beach tend to be slightly less chilly than those of the open ocean. There is also a huge changing of tides here, so while the tide is low, beach goers are treated to shallow pools of sun-warmed salt water – where one can soak while gazing at the serene view. Crane beach is also surrounded by a beautiful display of nature. As soon as the vast expanse of powdery sand ends, a vast expanse of marshland and sand dunes begins; this makes for a wonderful day trip, encompassing swimming, sun bathing and nature trails.

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Founded on a hill just beyond Crane Beach, lies the majestic Crane Estate – a Stuart-style mansion built by the Chicago industrialist Richard T. Crane in 1928, as a summer getaway for his family. The estate’s mansion and elaborately designed grounds are a spectacular example of early 20th century American moguls’ efforts to recreate European-style estates. Crane Estate is reminiscent of Versailles (on a smaller scale), and Viennese palace grounds. Stay tuned for a separate article on the estate!

See the slideshow for some photos of Crane Beach - a New England beach location not to be missed!