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Cramps delegate game 1 of NBA Finals

If you have ever been involved with athletics on a serious level, one knows the nature of cramping as the effects can be very devastating, even threatening, in that if one disregards what his or her body is trying to tell them, which is relax and rehydrate. As the body refuses to functions, due to deficiency of maybe potassium, magnesium, or calcium, that athlete becomes at the mercy of himself. Take for instance what happened Thursday night, after Lebron started experiencing cramping in his legs, when he elected to go back in the game, to make a blowing move past his defender, then to just hobble under the basketball, until his teammates and staff came and had to evacuate him back to the bench. It was a sad sight to see for Miami Heat fans but a cheerful one for Spurs nation, in that their team had a certain chance to finish the Miami Heat off, with the opposing team star player now delegated to the bench, due to cramps.

Cramps are serious for any athlete
Cramps are serious for any athlete
No athlete like cramps

The game Thursday night was a back and forth affair, a good game one of the finals, a fortunate win for the Spurs, with all the turnovers they occurred but a blasting finish at end, with a flurries of three point shots. James could do not but bow his head from the sideline and watch his team descend as a seeking ship at war, with thoughts maybe running through his head, “I cannot help my team, and the captain is down.” However, game 2 is on its way, with Sunday just being around the corner. Conspiracies’ are already out that, the Spurs may have pulled a Boston Celtics stunt, know James has history of cramps, to pull out the nail biting finish with James out the game, with some only to say the game was a blowout. Hmm. Spurs 1-0 up on the Heat, game 2 6/8/2014.