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Craigslist killer Miranda Barbour: Murdered dozens, 'stopped counting' at 22

Miranda Barbour, a teen awaiting trial for the murder of a Pennsylvania man she and her husband killed after he answered an ad on Craigslist, is claiming to have killed dozens of people over the past six years. In fact, she's killed so many, she told authorities and a local newspaper in Pennsylvania, that she "stopped counting" at 22. And since investigators could not immediately discredit the young woman's claims, officials are following up on her statements, CNN reported Feb. 17.

"When I hit 22, I stopped counting," Barbour is quoted by the Sunbury Daily Item as saying in a phone interview (published on Feb. 15) from Northumberland County Prison on Friday night. "I can pinpoint on a map where you can find them."

The 19-year-old mother of a one-year-old says it all started in Alaska when she was 13. And she says there are bodies in Alaska, Texas, North Carolina, and California.

Authorities believe Miranda Barbour just might be telling the truth. "It's conceivable," a source with the investigation told CNN, noting that the woman could be "the real deal" -- an actual serial killer.

If true, Barbour's admission is as horrific -- on a multiplicative scale -- as the circumstances for which she and husband Elytte Barbour, 22, are currently being held in the Northumberland County Prison. The two are charged with murdering Troy LaFerrara, a 42-year-old man lured to a mall via a Craigslist ad in mid-November.

Troy LaFerrara thought he was meeting Miranda Barbour for sex for $100, but when they drove to Sunbury, she allegedly stabbed him 20 times while Elytte Barbour allegedly held the man down and strangled him with rope. The couple had been married only three weeks when they allegedly murdered the man.

She said she had wanted to plead guilty to his murder but her lawyer, Edward Greco, wouldn't let her.

In fact, Greco didn't know Barbour was going to grant an interview, either.

But Barbour told Francis Scarcella of the Daily Item that she just had to "get all of this out."

"I feel it is time to get all of this out," he quoted the teen as saying. "I don't care if people believe me. I just want to get it out."

Sunbury Police have been in touch with investigators in other states and the FBI in regard to the claimed murders. The FBI has acknowledged that they have been in contact with the local Pennsylvania authorities and that they would aid in the investigation in if requested.

"The FBI's Philadelphia Division has recently been in contact with the Sunbury Police Department regarding Miranda Barbour, and will offer any assistance requested in the case," the FBI said in a statement to CNN.

As to Barbour's veracity, Sunbury Police Chief Steve Mazzeo said, "We investigate all leads just because that's the proper protocol to follow through."

In fact, investigators are currently looking into the circumstances surrounding Barbour's child's father's death.

She also admitted to at least 30 encounters via Craigslist. Investigators are trying to locate those men as well.

Barbour told Scarcella that if let out of prison, she would kill again. She says she doesn't feel remorse, because she has killed only "bad" people.

As the Daily Mail reported, law enforcement are also looking into a possible connection with a Satanic cult. According to Miranda Barbour, the first person she killed was done at the behest and with the aid of the leader of a cult she joined at the age of 13 in Alaska.

Miranda Barbour originally told Sunbury authorities, who were led to the couple by their phone number being found on LaFerrara's cell phone, that she had killed the man in self-defense after he had groped her. However, the husband said they had planned the killing -- they had wanted to kill someone together.

Troy LaFerrara is the only victim of the couple. Still, it wasn't for lack of trying, according to Elytte Barbour. He told authorities he and his wife had planned several murders but their plans had always fallen through.

Miranda Barbour isn't the first Craigslist killer. There have been several, including a man named Richard Beasley was convicted and sentenced to death in an Ohio court in April 2013 of luring three men to his farm and killing them in 2011. And back in 2009, med student Philip Markoff was charged with murder and kidnapping for luring a young woman to a Boston, Mass., hotel room with a ad placed on the website and subsequently killing her. Dubbed the "Craigslist Killer" by the media, his case never went to trial. He committed suicide in August 2010.

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