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Craig Morgan waits for Top 15 before following the Hits on the Chart

Craig Morgan has been out on the road for nearly 14 years with 7 hits reaching the top 10. While making a run at the top of the chart is important, Morgan knows that taking it all in stride will make his job of entertaining the fans on the road much easier.

Craig explains to Albright & O'Malley & Brenner that he does not keep track of the song’s movement up the chart.

“When it gets into the Top 15 that’s when I’ll start looking at it but until it gets there it don’t mean a whole lot,” Craig tells Dan Van from Albright & O'Malley & Brenner. “Top 20 is good, that’s important but Top 15 is where it starts effecting us out here on the road.”

Craig does see the effects of a song going Top 20 but he doesn’t need a chart to know a song is a fan favorite.

“When we do [‘Wake Up Lovin You’] live I see the reaction from the crowd even though it hadn’t been in that Top 20.” Craig says of his fans on his current ‘The Journey’ tour.

‘Wake Up Lovin You’ is NOW inside the Top 20 and still climbing after 37 weeks on the chart. If ‘Wake Up Lovin You’ reaches the Top 10 it would be the first single for him to do so since ‘Bonfire’ in 2009.

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