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Craig & Karl’s Mark Zuckerberg creation for T-Post

T-post is changing the way you receive news, with a creative blend of fashion and media, one T-shirt at a time. You no longer have to pick up a newspaper, or visit a website to find out what’s going in the world. Once a month, you won’t even have to worry about finding something to wear, a cool graphic t-shirt will be delivered to you.

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“The Untouchables of the Internet”

The latest issue No. 69, “The Untouchables of the Internet” features a creative image by Craig & Karl, a designing duo who have worked with Nike, Vogue and Apple. The two put their artistic abilities together to create a blue and yellow detailed impersonation of the Facebook co-founder, Mark Zuckerburg.

T-Post History

"When people read a traditional magazine, they tend to keep the news to themselves. We wanted to find a more public way to present our stories. So, we combined them with the best pop culture medium ever invented, the graphic T-shirt, having select designer interpreting our stories to an interesting t-shirt graphic." Says Peter Lundgren Founder and Editor-in-Chief.

T-post began seven years ago, with an innovative idea to switch up the traditional ways of presenting the news. With just five T-shirt copies distributed and promoted by friends, the unique approach to news gained much attention and success. T-post currently distributes their art and news friendly t-shirts to more than 50 countries.

So How Does T-Post Work?

Having a T-post subscription is similar to subscribing to a traditional magazine but there’s one small yet significant difference. Instead of receiving a paper publication once a month, you’ll receive a t-shirt. Yep, a T-shirt featuring a news story printed on the inside, with an artistic visual representation on the front. You’ll be in for a surprise each month as you won’t know what the issue is about or who’s designing the front visual until you receive it.

Feel free to browse and shop for past issues, get your hands on the latest issue “The Untouchables of the Internet,” or visit the official T-post website for more info.