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Craig James talks to Lubbock media, not voters

Craig James made another media appearance.
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Craig James made another appearance with the Lubbock media over the weekend. This must be his version of campaigning in Lubbock. Unlike most candidates who hold public appearances and actually speak to voters, Mr. James only talks to members of the media. So he either thinks he is too good to speak to voters or lacks the intestinal fortitude to face Lubbock voters. Are Texas voters actually supposed to believe Craig James will confront evil wherever he finds it if he can’t even handle a confrontation with a few people that might not agree with him?

Of course his main purpose in talking to Lubbock media outlets like KCBD Newschannel 11, seems to be to continue his efforts to convince voters, and the public in general, that it was Mike Leach and not Mr. James that was the villain in the Texas Tech fiasco of two years ago. That tact does not seem to be working. As Washington State Coach Mike Leach pointed out, when contacted by KCBD, a recent poll in the Dallas Morning News showed that Mike Leach was preferred over Craig James for the U.S. Senate. Ninety five percent of respondents said they would pick Mike Leach over Craig James for the seat being vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchison.

To put that in context, Craig James only got five percent of the vote in a poll against someone who does not even want to run for the U.S. Senate. Craig James could only poll at five percent, even though he has been campaigning for months. To make it worse, this was from a newspaper in the DFW area. It was not a poll of just residents of Lubbock and West Texas. The poll was not scientific but few would argue that the results would have been roughly the same in any sort of poll, scientific or not.

Craig James can make all of the media stops he wants, but the voters have no reason to believe a politician who will not even give them an opportunity to ask questions of him. Of course, it is already hard to believe Mr. James. He is a man who used to deny taking money from boosters at SMU. That turned out to be false on his part; he did take money from boosters. He originally was saying that Mike Leach locked his son in an electrical closet. That turned out to false as well. Now he is saying that Mike Leach can’t get away with what he did to Adam James. But what exactly was that? He never says what it is. Even if he did, really, who would believe him?

If Craig James is serious about connecting with Lubbock voters, he needs to quit hiding from them. If Mr. James is serious, he will schedule a public event in Lubbock. That is unless he is afraid to face the people he is asking to vote for him.


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