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Craig James has not revealed donors

Craig James
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Craig James still has not revealed who any of his campaign contributors are. He also has not revealed his net worth or what his investments are. Craig James requested two extensions from the Senate Ethics Committee. Those requests were granted and the James campaign now has until April 16th to file his personal financial disclosure as well as a campaign finance report.

So, Craig James can wait until six weeks before the election to tell voters who is bankrolling his campaign. He does not have to file the reports until April 16th and the Texas Primary is scheduled for May 29th. Lubbock resident Linda Krefting, and vice president Texas League of Women Voters, makes a good point when she says, “To cast an informed ballot, this is information voters need to know.”

Why is this information so important? The vote of a senator can be extremely valuable. Are there any industries that may be trying to buy a vote? It certainly helps to remember that Craig James is a man who has admitted to taking improper money and benefits from boosters back in his football playing days at SMU. So where is his money invested and who is paying for his campaign?

Craig James had recently spoken out against David Dewhurst for not showing up for all but one debate so far. What James has claimed is that Dewhurst was keeping Texas voters from seeing what he stands for. Isn’t that exactly what Craig James is doing by not disclosing his financial status or who is paying for his campaign?

The James campaign insists that the delays in releasing that information has to do with the late entry of Craig James into the Senate race, as well as the postponement of the primary. So, voters are supposed to believe that Craig James did not know he was going to run until the last minute? His candidacy was one of the worst kept secrets in Texas. It was well known for months that James wanted to run for Kay Bailey Hutchison’s senate seat.

Assuming that Craig James has nothing to hide about his financial status or who his political backers are, why not release the information? If Craig James wants to continue to criticize David Dewhurst for not showing Texans who he is, James needs to show his cards as well.


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