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Craig Ferguson and Serendipity

Craig Ferguson
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When it comes to late night television I grew up with Johnny Carson. Yes, there were others but for a very long time Johnny was the undisputed king of late night TV. Sadly Johnny left and not long after passed away. His successor Jay Leno had big shoes to fill and he did a very good job. But Johnny went and now so has Jay and along this path a few new talents have emerged. But for me my interest in late night television started to slip away as my interest in staying up long enough to watch it also began to slip into memory. Then along came the DVR.

I started to record some and ultimately all of the late night shows. “The Tonight Show” with its new star Jimmy Fallon became a “must record” show. So did “Late Night with David Letterman” along with “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” It took awhile, but eventually I figured out that even later shows were recordable and often well worth viewing. I have come to know Seth Meyers but for some inexplicable reason I had no idea there even was a “Late Late….” Show on CBS. But one day I saw a listing on my television screen and being the curious fellow that I am I recorded the show.

The first time I watched it I wasn’t sure what I had fallen into. There was this admittedly very funny man chatting with a scrawny robot named Geoff. As the show progressed there were the standard celebrity interviews but there were also two people in a horse costume. After a few viewings I began to understand that Geoff and the horse were a vital part of the show. I also quickly found out that the host, Craig Ferguson, was not only thoroughly fun and enjoyable to watch he was also a true power house on late night TV. This enlightenment was pure serendipity and I felt compelled to share my new found knowledge with all others who may be just as ignorant as I once was.

Craig Ferguson is a genuine veteran of the performing arts. He was born in Scotland and got his first taste of show business in his teen years as a drummer in the rock band called “Exposure.” Later he joined a punk group by the name of “The Bastards from Hell.” Eventually the band softened its name by changing it to “Dreamboys.” Performing mainly in Scotland Ferguson was inspired by the band’s vocalist Peter Capaldi to have a try at comedy. That proved to be a very good move for Ferguson. By the mid 1980’s Craig Ferguson had attained significant success in his native Scotland.

Then in 1994 Craig Ferguson moved to Los Angeles, California and by 1996 secured the role of “Mr. Wink” on the very popular “Drew Carey Show.” As he continued to grow in professional stature he began making ever more stage appearances as a standup comedian, numerous television appearances and several film roles. If you would like to see the full rich history of Craig Ferguson simply click here:

By 2004 CBS television announced that Craig Ferguson would replace Craig Kilborn as host of “The Late Late Show” a position he has held ever since. However Ferguson has recently announced that he will be leaving the show in December of this year to pursue new career opportunities. In his decade long tenure as host of “The Late Late Show” Craig Ferguson achieved extraordinary success including a Primetime Emmy nomination and a Grammy nomination.

I can’t believe I have been so dense as to have missed this magnificent slice of late night TV for oh so many years. But if you have also overlooked this do not miss another episode. We still have the rest of this year to enjoy the sparkling wit and brilliant humor of Craig Ferguson as host of “The Late Late Show” on CBS TV airing weeknights at 12:35 AM. Of course, if you also want to be able to get up and go to work the next day you can also record the show with your DVR. Thank you serendipity and thank you modern technology. Oh and thank you Craig Ferguson.

Copyright 2014 Ron Irwin

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