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Craig Carothers: Nashville songwriter tours Portland

Nashville singer-songwriter Craig Carothers
Nashville singer-songwriter Craig Carothers
Photo credits: Photographer Greg Lawler

American singer-songwriter originally from Portland, Oregon, Craig Carothers now living in Nashville, Tennesse had his first big time solid Gold hit song "Little Hercules" with Trisha Yearwood's 1996 album Everybody Knows.

Country music fans, Portland based singer-songwriters, family, friends and anyone else who loves music will be delighted to hear Carothers is homeward bound as I write. Lucky me had a chance to catch Carothers via my internet connection through my iphone, Facebook and email interview: Here goes.

So, Craig, what's up right now, car tour?

Yes, a car tour. Sixteen shows in eight states. And before I hit the trail, I am finishing a record I produced for an artist from the San Francisco bay area. Other than that fall term at the university of Miami starts next week, and I have been on the faculty as a lyric teacher online via Skype for the last three years. That modality allows me to conduct class from home, or wherever I am on the road.

What is currently driving your musical creativity?

I think I'm in a period of transition. I haven't written much in the last couple of years. Some songs I love, but not very many. I started making trips to Nashville almost 20 years ago, and came with a student’s attitude. That is to say, I wanted to explore the ways in which songwriters here approach songwriting. It was very informative, and I learned a lot, but I feel the pull to return to more intuitive, and perhaps less formulaic approach.

Nashville dos and don'ts:

Ha. Well, that's a long list, some of which I probably don't even know. In my opinion, it's a strange time here. So many truck songs. So many tailgate songs and so many songs being co-written with the artist. Many songwriting luminaries, writers with catalogs and track records much more impressive than mine, are unable to gain any traction for truly great songs. But, to constrain my answer to something less abstract, if you really want to succeed here, you have to be here. That's not a guarantee, but few have succeeded from other area codes.

Tips of the songwriter trade?

I think the changes in music technology have forever changed the playing field. Songs stay on the chart longer, fewer songs make it to the radio in the first place. Streaming, Spotify, Youtube, etc., have put forth a model where music is free. Performing songwriters will still be able to sell their recordings to the fans at live shows, but the career potential to be purely a songwriter is dwindling.

Are you planning a music concert tour to Oregon with Steve Seskin?

No. No plans at this juncture. I love Steve. We play a series of shows in the bay area every January with another great songwriter, Don Henry.

What’s the “Most important need to know right now about Craig Carothers?

That question is hilarious. Surprising tough to answer. Maybe, people need to know that I am not the creator of Craigslist? OK, seriously, I love to play live. I love touring by car, and drive all over America quite often. I am studio owner and love producing my own, as well as other Indy artist's records. I am a graphic artist and really enjoy that work, and have done many CD package designs. I'm a vegetarian, and a political independent. And though I write many, many sad songs, I have been with the same woman for the last 25 years, and I'm still crazy about her.

If you weren’t sure whether or not to attend one or all the Carothers music concerts, let me say I certainly feel a need to show up just so I can appease the romantic within me to ask him this follow up question: What keeps your love fire burning? Well, to learn more about how to see and hear Carothers perform (Not while driving in his car around Portland) all that's required is one simple click here for the Craig Carothers late summer music concert tour 2014 details.

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