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Crafty coastal creations

This small starfish hair pin can be found at CereusArt for $5.
Erin Ammons Photography

Most brides have a stressful wedding day, but for CereusArt owner and Virginia Beach local Dana Haddon, wedding-day-woes brought nothing but inspiration.

While searching for something to reflect Haddon’s personal nautical style and love of the coast in her beach themed wedding, she decided to take matters into her own hands and create her own decorations for the big day.

“I was inspired by the colors and textures of the sea,” Haddon said. “I wanted to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for my guests.”

After the wedding, Haddon sold the decorations and small knick-knacks, but to her surprise, guests continued to ask for similar items even after they were sold. It was then that CereusArt was created, and as for the name “CereusArt,” that was pure inspiration, as well.

The word “Cereus” came from one of Haddon’s favorite poems by American poet Robert Hayden, “The Night Blooming Cereus.” A night-blooming cereus is a common name for cacti that bloom at night. These flowers are short lived and according to Hans Hect, author of “Cacti and Succulents,” only bloom once per year, for one single night.

“I found that to be fascinating,” Haddon said. “I’m a night owl and I find myself working in my studio late at night, so it seemed kind of fitting.”

Haddon opened an Etsy online store for CereusArt in 2011, and is currently selling her handmade trinkets out of The Creative Wedge, which is located in the Hilltop West Shopping Center.

Haddon features a variety of beach themed décor at Cereus, but her baby blue pearl and limpet shell hair barrettes seem to be one of her hottest items along with her unique starfish hair pins.

“These items are especially popular during prom season and during wedding season,” Haddon said.

Other coastal themed accessories can be found at CereusArt, including bridal hair combs, beautiful beaded silver hoop earrings and Sand Dollar boutonnieres.

Find CereusArt on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, or look for Dana Haddon and other local artists in the Virginia Beach Town Center at the monthly Town Fair, she’ll be representing with the Hampton Roads Esty Team as an Etsy team leader until October.

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