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Crafts related to 'Sea Captain Mickey' episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

A new episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse premieres on the Disney Channel on Friday, July 18, 2014 at 5:30 a.m. Tucson time (this varies based on your cable/satellite provider including it having a different air time if you watch on DirecTV channel 291 instead of 290). The new episode is called "Sea Captain Mickey." The episode is about Mickey and his friends exploring Mickey Lake in a submarine and Profressor Von Drake's sonar-detecting machine discovering something big on the bottom of the lake. Below are some craft and coloring activities related to this episode's themes to enjoy before or after watching it.

First Submarine Project - The instructions are not the best on this site, but it does provide a good starting point idea for turning big boxes into a mini submarine big enough for kids to play in and pretend their own submarine adventures.

Ludwig Von Drake Coloring Pages - This site has four different coloring pages featuring Professor Von Drake.

Submarine Printable Craft - This site has a template to print of a submarine that kids can then paint or color and use to create their own submarine work of art.

Submarine Window Decoration Craft - With this project make a submarine that has colorful windows that let light in when hung in a window or in front of another light source.

US Submarine Coloring Pages - This site has a variety of coloring pages featuring real life submarines.

Yellow Submarine Craft - Make a submarine with a plastic bottle and cup with this project. You could add stickers or pictures of Mickey Mouse and his friends if you want to make it more Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed.

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