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Crafts related to 'Nature Trackers Adventure Camp' episode of Dinosaur Train

A new episode of Dinosaur Train premieres on Monday, January 20, 2013 at 8 a.m. Tucson time on PBS (Channel 6 in Tucson). The new episode is called "Nature Trackers Adventure Camp." This episode is about Buddy, Tiny, and Shiny enjoying Nature Trackers Adventure Camp with Mr. Conductor and Gilbert. Activities they do include river rafting, mountain climbing, ziplining, and canyon hiking. Below are some activity ideas related to this episode's theme to enjoy before or after watching the episode.

Become a Nature Tracker - This part of the PBS website features monthly challenges that encourage exploring nature and making discoveries. This month's theme is Water & Ice. You can also look through over two years of archives for more activities.

Dinosaur Train Printables - This part of the PBS Kids site has a variety of printables related to the show including coloring pages (there is a Nature Trackers Club one even) and Valentines.

Grand Canyon Coloring Page - This page features horseback riding through the Grand Canyon. Check out this site for a few more canyon coloring pages.

River Rafting Coloring Page - This coloring page features two people rafting on a river.

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