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Crafts for the nursery: Felting For Baby

Felting for Baby
Felting for Baby

Wool might seem crazy for a baby born in Hawaii, but the techniques of wet and needle felting are simple and require no machines. They are perfect for parents who don't want to learn complicated sewing or follow difficult knitting patterns. The book Felting For Baby (from $16.50) takes parents through twenty-five projects that add colorful depth to a nursery.

Natural materials such as raw wool are pleasant to work with and excellent for encouraging a child's appreciation for handmade objects. This book outlines how to make simple toys, outfits, and decorations with a special customized touch. Materials for projects can be found at many online retailers, including

Best of all, older toddlers can help make projects for themselves or to help welcome younger siblings. Working with wet wool is an excellent tactile exercise and great for fine motor development--plus it's fun to create things with Mom and Dad! Pick up a copy of this book and get to work making simple items that will be long-cherished by your family.

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