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Crafts and recycling

Normal household recyclables
Normal household recyclables
Randi Denton

You can't go anywhere today without hearing the word "green". This simple word has heightened everyone’s awareness of global warming, energy conservation, and waste reduction among other things. If you are like most families now days you do your part by recycling when you can, car pooling or walking when you can. Well, have you thought about recycling when you are putting together that craft project with your child? I mean really thought about it?

Look at it this way, making that cute little town with all of the cereal boxes and milk cartons was fun and you were recycling weren’t you? Where did you get those cereal boxes and milk cartons, your recycling bin? Now, lets take a trip a week or maybe a month down the road, where is that little town now? In the garbage probably, at least that would be the case in most homes. The point is that the good you were doing by putting those things into the recycling bin to start are now for not. Most of the items that were used will not be accepted by the recycling center anymore because of being cut or changed in one way or another.

This is not to say that you should forgo the town building for an afternoon of cartoons, but next time a project comes to mind maybe take a moment to think of the “things” that are going in to the project or just the project itself. There are plenty of crafts that can be made and kept around as useful household items. Pen or pencil holders, paper weights, picture frames, journals, the list is endless. Don't forget those things that can not go to the recycling bin, old tooth or scrub brushes, and plastic containers not on the list of acceptable items.

Most of all, don’t forget to use your imagination and have fun.