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Craft Pizza Chicago, neighborhood pizza never tasted so good

Pizza can bring out definite opinions. From deep dish lovers to folded slices, people have their preferences. Personally, the toppings on a pie are more important. Fresh vegetables, quality cheeses and flavorful sauces make or break a perfect pizza. Craft Pizza Chicago shines with quality ingredients and makes a delicious pizza.

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Cristine Struble
Craft Pizza Chicago serves artisan pizza
Craft Pizza Chicago serves artisan pizza

Located on Damen, in Chicago, Craft Pizza Chicago is definitely not a boring, pizza joint. These small batch artisan pizzas set themselves apart. The varied pizza selections with creative names make even the die hard plain cheese lover take notice. Not to be left out, the un-adventurous can build their own pies too.

A few favorites on the House Pies menu include Devil in the White City, La Dolci Vita, and the Wicker Pork. The Devil in the White City is the White City pie, whole milk and fresh mozzarella, pecorino Romano/grana padano, lots of fresh garlic, herbs, black pepper and extra virgin olive oil, topped with hot capicollo, hot cherry peppers, peperoncinis and red onions. The Dolci Vita pie is a plain Jane pie, tomato sauce, whole milk and fresh mozzarella, pecorino romano/grana padano, with orange, red, and yellow sweet peppers and fresh garlic. The Wicker Park is the plain Jane pie with cured, smoked Canadian bacon, onions and pineapple.

Having tried all three of these pies, the White Devil in the White City is a must try. The balance between the creamy, sweet cheese and the spicy peppers is delicious. On top of a subtle, hand tossed crust, it can be difficult to eat just a few slices.

Prices are either 14 or 18 inches. Prices range from $12 to $22. In addition to pizza, Craft serves some antipasti and salads. The restaurant is BYOB.

Craft will be open on weekend mornings. Breakfast served form 8-11 will feature fresh boil and bake bagels, rotating pastries and Sparrow Coffee.

Craft Pizza Chicago is opened for lunch on the weekends and dinner throughout the week. The restaurant is closed on Mondays.

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