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Craft cocktail master Brother Cleve offers Tiki Empire on the waterfront

A master of craft cocktails offers Tiki Empire in Boston's Seaport
A master of craft cocktails offers Tiki Empire in Boston's Seaport
Empire Asian Restaurant & Bar

Brother Cleve, a mixologist before mixologists became a popular term for masters of the art of cocktail making, takes on the bar at Empire Asian Restaurant & Lounge in the Seaport District on Monday, Jan. 17 beginning at 8 p.m.

The master of craft cocktails, he's been fascinated and intrigued much of his 30-plus years of tending bar by the classics - Manhattans (his personal favorite), Singapore Slings, Whiskey Sours, and the rest .They're liquid music to this musician who's traveled the world with bands and been a mentor to many of Boston's top beverage professionals today.

At Empire on Monday, traditionally Industry Night, he'll create eight Tiki-inspired craft cocktails for fellow industry professionals whom he calls "my crowd and my progeny" as well as regulars, and newcomers eager to sip something inspiring and exotic. "I'll make tropical Polynesian style cocktails," he says. The themed drinks will include the “Cactus Flower,” which combines Prickly Pear, with orange, lime and pineapple juices with four different rums; and the “Brass Monkey” which consists of vodka, light rum, Galiano and orange juice. Guests will also enjoy Executive Chef Kevin Long’s $25 unlimited sushi menu and $25 pupu platters, while DJ Costa sets the mood by spinning tunes.

On two of his creations, he'll use the dual slushy machine, he discloses, creating frozen cocktails made from "real ingredients - nothing processed."