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Craft beer comes to Balboa Park

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Balboa Park encompasses all the aspects that visitors and locals like about San Diego. The immense list includes art, theater, culture, music, gardens, architecture, people, street performers, and more. These things all give San Diego it's charm and character. However, there is one thing that has been growing in the heart of San Diego for the past decade, but has been missing from Balboa Park - beer.

San Diego has been on the forefront of the craft beer movement for over the past decade, with local breweries popping up like wildflowers all over the county. Local bars carry local brew favorites as well as long time classics. Beer drinkers have their favorite watering holes, but many branch out to try the new favorite pub. With the craft beer movement moving in, out, around and through San Diego, Balboa Park has shown support of this local culture through beer events and craft brew exhibitions. But where is the beer? Balboa Park has been been void of the actual craft brews, until now.

Lee Chase, Jennifer Chase, Jeff Motch and Clea Hantman of the Blind Lady Alehouse and Tiger!Tiger! have joined forces with The San Diego Museum of Art to bring craft brews to Balboa Park. The Restaurant and Garden at the San Diego Museum of Art will be upgraded and re-opened under the name Panama 66, relating to the Panama-California Exposition and the year that the museum opened. This new addition to the park will be concentrating on local food, a variety of wines and spirits and a great selection of local craft beer.

Soft opening hours and menu are provided while the restaurant is under transformation. Details on hours and menu can be found here.